SWC carried out the Type A Sika waterproofing system on this large project in central London. We used a wide variety of Sika materials to create a waterproof structure for a regular customer of ours.

SWC are currently in the process of installing GCP Integritank to the podium areas on this project in central London. SWC are approved installers for this system as well as many other manufacturers products.

SWC are currently carrying out a fully validated gas membrane system to this project in North London consisting of several blocks. Our installers can install a wide variety of products including taped and welded gas membranes.

SWC have started work on this large project in central London. One of our larger projects to date installing GCP Preeprufe, GCP Hydrophilic Waterbar, GCP Injection hoses. Very happy to be working alongside Keltbray Structures on yet another project.

SWC carried out the external waterproofing to the basements and foam installation to piles on this large project in Brighton using GCP waterproofing products. We fully designed the waterproofing system on this project offering advice and issuing a full pack of drawings. SWC are fully insured for any design work we carry out.

We carried out work at 73-89 Oxford Street in London for Brookfield Multiplex. We installed 3000m2 of RIW Cavity Drain Membrane to B1 and B2 basement. We was asked to help with the design of the waterproofing and take full design responsibility. We issued detail drawings in CAD and have all the appropriate insurances to meet the needs of the client on this project.

SWC carried out the waterproofing to the podium deck area over a large basement in North London. SWC also carried out the internal waterproofing to several blocks to this site. A mixture of materials were used approximately 8000m2 of  waterproofing was required.

SWC designed, supplied and installed the waterproofing on this large project in London. Working alongside a regular client and working with a well established manufacturer we completed this project on time and are working with client on several other jobs in London.

SWC design and installed the waterproofing on over 30 houses on this project in Folkestone. All works installed are fully insured by SWC.

SWC designed, supplied and installed a fully validated gas and waterproofing membrane on this project in east London.